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Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing

Earth <–> Healing <–> Self

Earth Healing is my Joy! It’s the joy of knowing that everything is connected and therefore
I am connected to everything, every being, and every creature.
It’s seeing the light in nature’s of earth, reflecting with yours. Listening to the whispers of the wind, the singing of the birds.
Reconnecting yourself to your Self, like a rainbow bridge, to hear, see and feel the guidance from your body’s impulses, and follow the guidance, as it's your inner guidance. 
Earth healing is the integration of all of me!

Karen Dun 22 May 2017

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Nature has been speaking to me for a very long time. I hear her whispers …see her brilliance, as well as the unbelievable cruelty inflicted upon her, disturbing our infinite connection.
When the pain of the damage done to our natural environment, trees, earth, birds, insects, etc. became too much to bear, I began to walk the earth, in the deep loving connection, I have for her. I sang about this love, for her and after a while she sang back to me. Focusing on her beauty gave me joy and love in my footsteps.

These doings have helped (my survival), me (my life) a great deal. 

For a few years, it seems, that  a consciousness is being expressed thru me. It desires to make more people aware of the healing powers of nature in a back and forth way.

I woke up one day, started doing the dishes and the word Earth Healing was spoken to me.  Unsure what it meant, whether it was meant just for me or for all beings, I hesitated. Up until that moment, Earth Healing had been a very essential, helpful part of my life, for a long time. It helps me to heal physical and emotional pain thru an intuitive earth connection.
As I walked/hiked our earth and also at home, streams of words began to come, songs, poems and stories began to create themselves. I wrote them down, or spoke them into the speech recorder on my phone. It was definitely a positive experience to receive these streams and writing them down on scraps of paper. 

It took time and courage to write and now share, everything spoken or sung to me, when in the busiest of actions  or the quietest in nature, down in the computer and create this website.

Walking on our earth and being in this infinite presence is a great gift. Nature is my essence. There I feel my eternal spiritual connection so easily. I walk and am forever home.

It gives me so much joy, sharing the whispers and the revelations of this, (my) magic world, with you.

Earth Healing meaning revealed by Source:

Nature’s magnificence connects with ours. Her creation I am, which seems to create a healing flow/ stream/channel. All of us have this ability/sensitivity. Children can show this to us. Truth connects to truth, so many, many people may use it and will benefit. Back and forth healing, same to same, we are One and the Same. I have set you up for health and well being