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paintings and their

It started with a naked lady lying in this pose. Gradually the green appeared, green is a healing color, which is why there is so much green in nature, it also is the color of the healing archangel  Raphael.
The red flowers in the middle, the creation space, appeared, as well as the lotus flowers and the giant pink crocus. Slowly an identification with this painting developed. It seemed to have to connections with my own healing thru connecting more and more with Nature. Waterfalls and little streams  appeared, turning into a lake and symbol for purifying as were the magnolia and apple blossoms.

paintings and their

Gradually the nature friends appeared such as more flowers , daisy, a robin redbreast, my little lifelong helper and a singing lark on the mouth of the being. Symbolic for a helper to speak kindly to others. A butterfly appeared on the hand of the creature a symbol for transformation.

paintings and their

It became more and more apparent that the snails and the moles needed to be
part of this picture ,as I made peace with their presence in the form of ‘attacks’ on flower bulbs and all flowers in the garden , except wildflowers. The little ants and the pigeons, my lifelong friends as well, appeared and 2 dragon flies.

Below is the completed picture with the selfmade bamboo frame. I worked on it for 4 years off and on.paintings and their

See here the connectedness of human beings with all of nature and the effect nature has on healing from physical and emotional challenges.

The creative healing process is described in these  words:

We all feel like the first lines in the words of my song below from time to time:

Did you hear? The story of my life, I colored like a chameleon, I could hardly be, I totally lost myself and fell on my knees from entire misery thinking I should forever shut myself.

and the old ways need to make room for the new ways, as change is a sure fact of our lives ,

therefore the song continues:

Then I heard your voice:
I adore you, you are a precious gift You are so kind you are creation at its  best Everyone has their thoughts, everyone has opinions and our opinion of you does not exist because you are precious love, you are light and love, you are creation in light

It gave me light it gave me paradise it gave me everything I ohm

Songtexts by karen dun

Wisdom: All the little pieces are of importance, linking into a Whole.
The  creation of  my paintings and especially this painting, gives me so much unconditional love  for all .

more to follow