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Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing

Earth Healing Do it yourself

The Source whispers said:

The love we sing to our earth and our waters, will reach the hearts of all beings/creatures

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, did intensive research on how water crystals respond to the spoken  voices in different emotional states. The love emotion/energy  rendered the most beautiful crystals. It is very interesting to know that our body is made up of 70% water and our earth is covered by 70-% with water. More research is coming up about the water being  not only outside earth, but also in side earth. Your love songs have a great positive impact!!!

When walking our earth sing your own song about your nature connecting with hers. Walking in the rhythm, which is naturally yours, will do just right, is perfect and fine.

In my being a song originated, a few years ago,  first in melody, later in words. It sounds like a mantra
I sang just the melody at first. Gradually the words below came. I sang this love song to our earth :


I love you our earth, I love you our earth.
I love our earth and skies, I love our earth

Another beautiful song to sing is:


The earth is our mother, she is healing me,
the earth is our mother, I am healing her.

The more I sang love songs to our earth, trees, grass, wind, she began to sing/reciprocate words to me : I love you, Grateful for you, Thank you, I adore you, You are my child, a child of God. Just amazingly great.

earth healing

Beautiful songs popping up for this same to same healing, meaning : what you give to our earth, you give to yourself, you give back to our earth: healing through (universal) love: Earth <–> Healing <–> Self

You are magnificence , you are
I am magnificence, I am
We are magnificence, we are

earth healingMelodies and words come from the magnificence and brilliance our earth shows  in all seasons, forms and colors, all expressions of creation. earth healingearth healing


Even when you  begin with singing about your anger, sadness or fears, she will often create words to lift your spirits into a more positive state of being. Now you can change your focus to begin again looking at the brighter side of live. In every suffering is a light of a new beginning.

You can sing out loud or in yourself and imagine that thru your feet healing energies flow down our earth in root lines, song lines, healing circles or resonating throughout the universe, with every step you take.

You may create resonating circles or otherwise throughout the entire universe

earth healing

Trees which are just right to sing to, will be revealed.

Healing seems to come from physically being surrounded by nature sounds, tuning into these and singing your healing song sounds.