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Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing
Earth Healing

Earth Healing Do it yourself

Earth Healing thru movement and dance:
Everything has a rhythm, listen to the grass and dance the gentle beat.

The wind seems to play a role! It’s like the breath from which the rhythm originates
The earth also has a beat, it corresponds to yours, seems to synchronize with yours. Feel it and express it, sometimes gentle, then again powerful.

Dancing on the grass, leaves,
Wind, sand, water.etc.

wavesI danced with the waves in the ocean, going back and forth and moved with their rhythm!
Sooo joyfull.


Feel, if you like, the dancing movements originating in your body from your inner connectedness and DANCE your earth loving, healing dance.
When it is quiet and no wind blows a quiet and calm movement appears.
When it’s a storm, a storm dance, more powerful, like the storm may appear in your body.
You may feel cleared, light and lifted when  dancing in the stormy weather. Fear? All gone!

I danced with a little girl, 2 years old. She lead the dance! Full of joy our arms and legs made slow movements, originating from within.

When it rains, a rain dance or water dance may  be there.

My friend Don, bless his heart, did his duck dance when it rained, You really became cheerful, doing it or watching him.

During the rain water dance you may be able to release all which is holding you back from shining, in the movement energy and your connected breathing.

While doing your rain/water dance you may be lifted into a higher vibrational frequency.

Energies of healing, happiness, love, connectedness and endless creative inspirations and solutions to an individual or universal problem will appear.


Visualize the dancing speed. Dance the variations in this light, this love, this magnificence all over the place and watch the results happening in you! Your nature.

It’s all in You you! It’s part of your Self self healing mechanism

Plant sage in as many places as possible. Sage has greatly purifying characteristics.
Lovingly put dried sage on mutilated places on our earth. ,
When heavy mowing machinery creates damage to the singing grass, bring dried or fresh sage sometimes to help heal those wounds. For me it meant something positive I could do instead of feeling the pain of trees and earth. It was way more helpful, than continual tears.

Clean up our rubbish in your environment in a thankful way. You will hear a Thank you back!.
Recycle! Plant trees, seeds, remove the stones from your gardens. Bring your own bags to the stores.


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